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Larger Group Options

Unfortunately, private charter licenses only allow up to 6 passengers aboard (individual vessel capacities may be less than this), but we can still offer a few options for your large group that may suit your needs and tend to work to your benefit!:

1. Split the group into two separate trips!  A full day can be utilized by two separate groups with a short sprint back to port at the halfway point.  This provides a true private charter experience tailored to your groups' interests unlike a large capacity, multi-party charter vessel, and at a lesser cost.

2.  Book an additional vessel!  Our sister vessel and/or associated vessels can board some your group and accompany us on our trip. (Rates, availability, and capacities of additional vessels vary.)  This allows us to cover more ground in order to discover and relay more fishing opportunities!  In addition to this, you have to two or more experiences that make for great story-telling at the dock, or the opportunity for some friendly competition.

Capacities vary depending on the vessels available or selected activity (fishing vs. touring), but the above options may allow 12 or more people to be accommodated!

Must contact for rates of additional vessels

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